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Director of Patient Outreach

We’re in need of an agile person that can communicate and execute our outreach strategy in a timely manner.  The person should have experience building, training and motivating large teams of staff/volunteers to canvass and communicate with the people we serve.  Must have atleast 10 years of experience.  Please submit your CV to

Posted: May 8th 2016

Primary Care Physicians and Internists

We’re in need of primary care physicians that have a minimum of 3 years field work experience in SE Asia. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malayasia would all qualify as SE Asia. The candidate must be atleast 30 years of age and has worked in crisis zones in the aforementioned countries. Please submit your CV to

Posted: May 1st 2016

Hepatitis C Outreach Specialists

We’re looking for dedicated, passionate and yet empathetic individuals to take calls and make calls to the HCV population to provide support services. Your position requires only a computer and unlimited calling in the country you wish to do outreach work.

Our requirements are in France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. If your country is not listed here, please contact us. Please submit your CV to

Posted: April 3st 2016


We’re in need of volunteers to make deliveries to our patients around the world. You must have a valid US, Canadian or EU passport to qualify. You must have traveled to atleast 5 countries in the EU and 3 countries in SE Asia. China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea will not be considered as a SE Asian country. Submit your CV to

Posted: April 1st 2016


We’re in need of 10 full time phlebotomists to work in the outskirts of New Delhi and Chandigarh. This assignment will last for 5 months. You must have atleast 1 year experience in a tier 1 city hospital in India. Submit your CV to

Posted: March 14th 2016

Mental Health Counselors

Must have atleast 5 years as a consultant in the US and a year in a developing country in Asia or Africa. You position requires to travel atleast once every month to Asia or Africa to give short series of lectures to psychiatrists and support staff. You must have a valid US, Canadian or EU passport. Please submit your CV to

Posted: March 3rd 2016

LVN’s and RN’s

Looking for new graduates or experienced clinical nurses with a little exposure to travel in Asia and Europe. We’re looking for compassionate LVN’s and RN’s to join us in SE Asia to promote prenatal care, hygiene, nutrition and act as support staff for our physicians and surgeons. You must have a Licensed Vocational Nurse or Registered Nurse degree/certificate from an accredited US institution.  Please submit your CV to

Posted: February 23rd 2016