About Us

Who We Are

Soul of Healing is a beacon of hope for those navigating the complex world of healthcare. Founded by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and compassionate volunteers, we’ve spent the past several years committed to making healthcare accessible for all.

With expertise spanning general health, mental health, chronic conditions, and more, our team offers guidance, support, and resources to those in need. Our work is driven by the belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Our Story

Born from personal experiences with the healthcare system’s challenges, Soul of Healing has grown into a vital resource for communities nationwide. Our journey is marked by hundreds of success stories – individuals and families who have found solace, support, and solutions with our help.

Meet the Team

Our team is our heart. Comprising healthcare professionals, advocates, and volunteers, each member brings passion and expertise to guide you towards better health.

Dr. Nengpi Chongloi, Co-Founder and Medical Director

A visionary in healthcare accessibility, Dr. Chongloi brings over 20 years of experience as a family physician. Her expertise in general health, chronic diseases, and preventative care has been instrumental in shaping our healthcare navigation services. Driven by personal experiences with the healthcare system, she co-founded Soul of Healing to ensure that no one is left behind on their health journey.

Thethem Chongloi, Mental Health Advocate

Thethem leads our mental health programs with a passion born from her journey through anxiety and depression. Her work focuses on breaking the stigma around mental health and providing resources and support for those struggling. Thethem’s empathetic approach and advocacy have touched the lives of many, making mental health care more accessible and understood.

Mindy Krishnan, Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator

With a background in nutritional science and a holistic approach to health, Mindy oversees our wellness and weight loss initiatives. Her programs emphasize sustainable lifestyle changes, nutritional education, and the importance of mental well-being in physical health. Mindy’s dedication to empowering individuals with knowledge and tools for healthy living has been a cornerstone of our wellness programs.

Eduardo Silva, Community Outreach Director

Eduardo’s work bridges the gap between Soul of Healing and the communities we serve. His commitment to social justice and health equity drives our outreach efforts, ensuring that our resources reach those most in need. With a keen focus on inclusivity, Eduardo has developed partnerships with community organizations, healthcare providers, and advocates to expand our impact.

Melissa McKnight, Volunteer Coordinator

The heart of our volunteer program, Melissa, brings a wealth of experience in nonprofit management and volunteer engagement. Her enthusiasm and organizational skills have grown our volunteer base into a formidable force of compassion and support. Melissa’s dedication to fostering a supportive and productive volunteer environment ensures that our team can continue to make a significant impact.

Together, We’re Soul of Healing

Our team’s collective expertise and passion make Soul of Healing a beacon of hope for those navigating the healthcare system. We’re united in our mission to guide, support, and empower individuals and families towards better health outcomes. Join us in our journey to heal souls and transform lives.

A Labor of Love: Running on Time and Passion

At Soul of Healing, our commitment to making healthcare accessible is matched only by our dedication to balance and personal commitment. Our operation thrives on a unique model: we run on a part-time basis, as time permits, weaving our mission into the fabric of our lives. This approach allows us to bring our whole selves to our work, fueled by passion and the personal experiences that drive us.

Our team members, from healthcare professionals to advocates and volunteers, all contribute their expertise and time around their existing commitments. This flexible, part-time framework enables us to maintain our professional careers, personal lives, and the quality of service we provide to those in need. It’s a testament to our belief that making a difference doesn’t require full-time hours, just full-time heart.

This structure has fostered a resilient and adaptive organization, capable of responding to the needs of those we serve with both efficiency and empathy. It also highlights the power of volunteerism and part-time engagement in driving meaningful change. At Soul of Healing, every moment spent is a step towards a healthier, more accessible future for all.

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